Healthy Mind, Healthy You

If you have been struggling with your health and well being, no matter how many gym sessions you go to and how many diets you try, it might be time to look at a bigger part of your body, your mind.

If you’re like me, you start a diet or wellness plan strong and see great results, then, out of nowhere you come crashing down. Stress at work, financial complications, fighting with your partner, housemate or best friend can see you reaching for the comfort foods or activities to fill the void inside you.

The answer isn’t in being more strict or eating kale three times a day, it’s switching on the power of your mind, nurturing that power and trusting the direction it takes you. Well-being is more than just the physical body. It’s about feeling at ease, knowing your strengths and creating balance by caring for the whole person with love and consistency (with a touch of flexibility).

Most of us have experienced the sensation of knowing you are right at some point in life when you just seem to magnetically know the right direction or pathway to take. That’s really how it’s supposed to be most of the time, listening to our hearts, minds and bodies, picking up the signals sent out to give us direction. It’s part of nature to trust our instincts, yet time and time again we doubt our intuition, we are told to follow a path that is practical, one that is the same as everyone else, that follows the rules and codes of society.

With all this noise, not just from our family, teachers and friends, but also from books, television and advertising, it can be difficult to learn the art of tuning into yourself, and knowing what to do. What follows is stress, confusion, self-doubt, hesitation and pain, things that go very nicely with commercially numbing agents like wine, chocolate, and junky television shows.

Over time these elements (internal feelings and external products) come to harm our body and leave wounds. Even though we might want to be healthy and set out on a fresh new path, those wounds can pull us back again. In order to really achieve genuine health, we first need to address the pain we are suffering, heal and tune in to the signals that help us stay on the right path.

Many people suffer from symptoms that don’t seem to have causes.

  • Intestinal pain
  • Severe reactions to foods (allergies, intolerances, food poisoning)
  • Bloating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

These are all symptoms that our body is out of alignment with self.

What you are looking for in that comfort food or activity is contentment, joy and ease of mind that you are just not getting in the real world. The problem is, is that this is a quick fix that doesn’t last.  No matter how much you consume, it doesn’t fill that void, especially in times of anxiety, stress and unrest. Instead of looking for ways to nurture our state of mind to achieve these essential positive feelings, we turn to experts, to doctors, to prescription medicines, to body treatments, surgeries and diet plans.

You know yourself best. It’s up to you to bring health and well being to your body.

Achieving optimal health and well being in mind and body is possible. The everyday struggle we face is not part of our life plan, there is something bigger, better and easier for us to achieve. Mind nurture.

To find that satisfaction and contentment you need to look beyond food and diets, you need to look to yourself, to trust that you already have the answers, you just need to believe in them.

How to nurture your mind

Our mind may have been running on autopilot for years with old wounds and poor health at the helm, however, just by recognising our behaviour and thoughts we can start to make positive changes and see incredible results through healing and mind nurture.

Each person is the sole creator of their thoughts and feelings, what we believe and perceive is entirely our own making. Because of that we have the ability to rewrite the scripts and programs we run, we can challenge the blocks and strip out the junk that no longer serves us.

To nurture your mind

  • Find quiet and stillness in meditation
  • Become your own source of unconditional love
  • Radiate joy to all areas of your life
  • Learn the signals when your body is telling you ‘something is missing’
  • Know your purpose, your reason for being here
  • Trust your internal guidance system
  • Be your truth

Ask powerful questions

Asking yourself revealing questions will help peel back the layers and bring you to a place of growth and empowerment. When you feel that something isn’t right within you, take the time for genuine introspection and see that valuable information you already hold that will bring you serenity and joy. The more you practice asking these questions the more efficient you will become at hearing the answers, and the more in tune with your intuition you will become.

Give yourself permission to light up

Follow your heart. When you do you will attract the things and people you need to make your goals achievable. Many people feel, or have been told, that shining bright robs others, that old tall poppy syndrome. In fact the opposite is true. When we fail to shine and grow we support the belief in living small and playing down and those around us follow suit. When we light up, we give permission for everyone around us to do the same, to reach high and to be their very best version of themselves.

To light up all you need to do is courageously follow your passion. Find those things that truly motivate you and lean on them. You’ll soon see the difference and the rewards.

Practice positive state

What we believe, what we say and how we behave all have a great impact on what we achieve. While many of us have positive states in certain areas, we can also unknowingly be holding onto negative states around other areas where we believe the worst, use negative language or act in ways that are harmful. Pay attention to your inner voice (that inner critique) and notice the words and tone you use and how you treat yourself. Do you speak and think in ways that are supportive and encouraging, or belittling and cynical?

As often as you can, modify your language to reflect your hopes and desires rather than your fears. With practice it will become natural to change your state to one that is positive where your language and self-beliefs are supportive and empowering.

Treat yourself like your own best friend, be your own cheer squad and believe in your ability and worthiness.

Clean up your surroundings

If you live a toxic life it gets harder to be open to joy and new opportunities. Clean out anything that is not useful. Declutter your home, spend more time with positive and uplifting people who are truthful and genuine. Get out in nature. Turn off the TV, especially the news. Do activities that bring you joy and excitement and encourage personal growth. Get rid of toxic thoughts of scarcity and doubt and surround yourself with evidence of abundance.

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