The Importance of Me Time

It’s easy to lose track of yourself and your own life when you are dealing with so much and taking care of other people, which means you miss out on me time.

“Wait, I have my own life? I don’t remember what that is.”

We are happy to exercise and eat a balanced diet for health and vitality, yet missing out on Me Time can mean you are skimping on brain and emotional health and running yourself into the ground.

Think back and remember a time when you simply spent time doing the things you enjoyed doing; relaxing, moving away from the agenda for a while and just getting back to your true, authentic self.

Many people don’t give themselves adequate breaks in life, feeling that they are too busy, that they don’t deserve it or that it is unproductive, however, making time for yourself is not an indulgence, it’s essential for a healthy mind, body and emotions.

Psychologists recommend Me Time finding that it:

• Helps people unwind
• Improves concentration
• Increases productivity
• Allows time for deep thinking
• Aids in problem-solving
• Enhances our personal relationships
• Rests then reboots the brain
• Gives us space for self-discovery

All of these benefits happen in the background, you won’t even know you are getting this amazing energy boost, you just do what you do and be yourself for a moment. It’s no wonder Me Time feels so great.

When and how you take Me Time is completely up to you. It’s simply a matter of tapping into the things in life you love to do or that you relax well with and allowing yourself space to do them on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis.

The longer the gaps you place between your Me Times the more important the time you take becomes. For example, if you take Me Time every day, you might only need 10 or 15 minutes, but if your Me Time is monthly, you’ll want to block out the whole day to really get the full benefit from it. Overall though, quality is better than quantity so make sure the boost you get is power punched with self-love and enjoyment.

Your aim during Me Time is to love yourself and allow some time to reset and rebalance.

Me Time can also be called Alone Time. For some people a little bit of personal space and privacy, even if it’s just to lie down in silence for five minutes, is everything they need. In fact, a lack of privacy is sometimes a point of unhappiness in romantic relationships. Having things you do alone in a day, or that are exclusively for you can be everything you need for a boost.

Communicate with your friends and family to let them know when you are unavailable or train your family or co-workers that a closed door means Alone Time so you get the full benefit of your own space.

Alone time doesn’t necessarily mean you have to clear everyone out of the house, Me Time can mean doing something you want, not just being alone.

While practising Me Time regularly is most effective (just like exercising regularly and eating regular meals is better overall) there are also times when you need to listen to your body and respond.

Me Time is essential in times of stress or when you are feeling empty, suffocated, overwhelmed, indecisive, insecure or you are experiencing sudden mood swings. These are all signs that you are at the end of your rope and you need to pay attention right now to get yourself back to a place of authenticity and productivity.

Waiting until the stress or difficult period is over is too late and getting Me Time now will actually enable you to deal with your challenges, increase your output and be there for more people. You will also love the feeling of balance, joy and wholeness that comes from soothing your soul.

If you find it hard to find time for you, get up 30m minutes earlier and do an activity you love (the early alarm for something you enjoy will have you leaping out of bed.)

If you are in the habit of running your life on a schedule, make sure you include Me Time in that schedule and plan it ahead in your diary or calendar.

Give yourself some time to adapt and get used to Me Time, you’ll soon see the benefits and look forward to your breaks, even if it feels awkward or selfish at first.

Me Time ideas:
• Get a massage
• Go for a slow walk in nature
• Meditate
• Do crafts
• Watch TV
• Go to the cinema
• Sing to music
• Socialise with friends
• Unplug from devices
• Take a bath
• Get a day spa treatment (or buy products for your own treatment session)
• Dance
• Take lunch to the park
• Keep a gratitude diary or practice gratitude daily
• Sit in your favourite coffee shop and enjoy a drink

Let go of guilt.

Taking care of yourself keeps you from burning out which enables you to be a better partner, parent, child and friend.

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