Travelling With Newborns – My Top Tips

Recently I was approached by The Parenting Co to offer my expert advice on travelling with newborns, and it got me thinking, then researching…

There is sooooo much information out there about what to pack, how to pack it, what to dress the baby in, where to sit on the plane, what time to travel, it led to information overload.

But do you know what wasn’t covered?

What the parents should do!

When you’re travelling with newborns there are some things that are inevitable, like there will be a temper tantrum, or 63 toilet stops an hour, or a delayed flight, the list goes on.

Just like in the plane, if the air masks drop, you need to put your own on before you help other passengers, as you’re no good passed out on the floor. The same goes for travelling with a newborn. You need to make sure your mental state is one of peace before you can help your little one achieve peace too.

So make sure you go and check out my top tips for travelling with a newborn, and let me know what you think!

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